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We are changing owner, vet and public perception on how to diagnose and treat chronic pain to improve the lives of dogs and their owners.

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Why learn with CAM?

We are dedicated to providing independent, evidence-based education for both owners and professionals.

practical advice

Our courses empower you with advice which is both practical and easy to understand, allowing you to immediately apply it to improve your dog's management plan.

evidence-based approach

We pride ourselves on guiding owners and professionals in following a structured, evidence-based approach to canine arthritis management.

Trustworthy information

As an independent organisation committed to providing only unbiased information and advice, our highest priority is creating gold standard educational content.

Is your dog trying to tell you they're in pain?

80% of dogs over the age of 8 have arthritis.
Arthritis is a leading cause of elective euthanasia.

See the world from your dog's point of view.
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nearly 3k owners & professionals have benefitted from cam courses

Fantastic course and should be mandatory for all Vets and Nurses in general practice to undertake! Opens your eyes to the debilitating effect of OA but also how much we can do to make our patients’ lives better with a multimodal approach. Wonderful course and highly recommend.
Leigh M., Vet Nurse - CAM Veterinary Practitioner
I did the course and loved the wealth of information. It has given me a much deeper understanding of what OA is and its impact on a dog and their owner. As a canine massage therapist this is an invaluable resource and I highly recommend it!! Looking forward to level 2!!
Helga K. - CAMadvocate Level 1
A huge shout of thanks to CAM for their comprehensive course! It really helped me to implement some much needed changes in a structured way that's had amazing results for my girl with hip dysplasia + OA. Soo, if your wondering if you should do the CAM Course(s) online, stop wondering & JUST DO IT!! Your dog will thank you! THANKS CAM!!!
Barney R. - CAMcomprehensive
What an amazing course! I absolutely love the way Hannah teaches, so passionate, inspiring and knowledgeable. I love what CAM stands for and how it is changing the way within the veterinary field. Great content, easy to follow information and great to be able to do a little bit at a time in between a busy work/life schedule. Lots of information to take back to my practice, and help all our staff and clients. #yourdogmoreyears.
Jenny - CAMadvocate Level 1
I’ve just finished the CAMcomprehensive course and it is set out so well - jam packed full of information for us owners and in bite-sized modules which make it easy to access it when you have a spare hour in the evening or at the weekend. All the free handouts and links that come with Comprehensive course are fab too. Well done CAM team for producing such a useful and cost effective course for us owners.
Pippa W. - CAMcomprehensive

Meet Cam's Founder

My name is Hannah and this is my sidekick, Luna.
I will be your host throughout your CAM education.
It is a pleasure to meet you and I am looking forward to helping you learn all you need to know about canine arthritis.
I am a vet based in the UK, winner of the 2019 CEVA Vet of the Year, Vet personality of the Year 2019, finalist in the 2019 Petplan Vet of the Year and recent winner of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Impact Award 2020.
I work tirelessly on Canine Arthritis Management (CAM), an online education and support service for owners of arthritic dogs and the professionals that care for them.
The awesome CAM team and I have been advising owners and canine professionals for decades and are now able to impart our knowledge and experience to you through our epic online courses. 
CAM Founder
“Arthritis is not the end of the road.
It is just the start of a new direction.”

Dr. Hannah Capon


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