CAM education FOR dog OWNERS

Preparing for Your dog's Cruciate Repair Surgery

Everything you need to know prior to your dog's cruciate surgery to help speed their recovery.
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Understand what's involved in the surgery

prepare your home for a safer post-op recovery 

learn simple massage techniques and more

set your dog up for a successful recovery

Cruciate disease is the leading cause of stifle (knee) arthritis in dogs

In most cases, surgical intervention is the recommended treatment

the post-op recovery period is crucial to the surgery's success

If your dog has been diagnosed with a cruciate rupture and needs surgery, this course is for YOU.
Meet your host

carrie smith

BScPT, CAFCI, Cert. Gunn IMS, Cert. Sport Physio, Certified Canine Rehab Therapist

Carrie Smith is the owner of Kemptville Physiotherapy Centre in North Grenville. She has been working as a physiotherapist for over 30 years and started treating dogs about 15 years ago. After working in vet clinics with clients for just over ten years, Carrie decided to expand her practice and open up a canine physiotherapy clinic right next to her practice in Kemptville. Her animal rehabilitation clinic is one of only three of its kind in Canada.
Patrick Jones - Course author

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