CAM education for Professionals

Post-Op CCL Rehabilitation for Veterinary Professionals

Improve patient outcomes and increase clinic income by creating your own Post-Op CCL rehab program.
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Understand the Post-op Healing process

Discover commonly used rehab modalities

Improve compliance with owner education

Implement successful post-op ccl rehab plans

Why enroll?

Gain confidence in new skills

Expand your knowledge of cranial cruciate ligament injuries and develop the skills and understanding required to confidently implement a post-op CCL rehab program at your clinic. With over 6 hours of presentations and demo videos, plus owner handouts and additional learning resources, this course will set you up for success.

Improve patient outcomes

Studies have shown that 26-54% of dogs recovering from a cruciate injury will tear the contralateral CCL within the first year. A good rehab program following surgery on the first CCL injury will help to minimize the risk of contralateral injury while also enabling a better overall recovery and a safer return to normal activity.


Offering a post-op CCL rehab program at your clinic will result in increased income through follow-up visits over the course of the rehab program. Providing owners with an effective post-op recovery program will also help to build the clinic's reputation, resulting in happier clients and more referrals.
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What will you learn?

phases of healing

Understand the different phases of healing and how rehab principles apply in each phase.

laser therapy techniques

Learn common acupuncture points to use with your therapeutic laser to improve patient outcomes.

successful owner engagement

Create a Pre-Op Guide for owners to help prepare the home and perform Passive Range of Motion and Massage.

building an effective exercise program

Follow a 12-week exercise program which includes concentric, eccentric, and isometric exercises, proprioception and balance training, and strength and power exercises.

putting everything you've learned into practice

Learn how to implement a rehab program in your own practice to improve surgical outcomes, reduce the percentage of contralateral CCL rupture, and create rehab income.

What is this course not?

A Rehab certification course

This is NOT a certification course which will qualify you as a rehab therapist.

a substitute for care by a rehab therapist

The skills you will learn in this course are NOT intended to replace treatment by a qualified canine rehab professional.
Meet the instructor

Carrie Smith

BSCPT, cafci, cert. gunn ims, cert. sport physio, certified canine rehab therapist

Carrie Smith is the owner of Kemptville Physiotherapy Centre in North Grenville. She has been working as a physiotherapist for over 30 years and started treating dogs about 15 years ago. After working in vet clinics with clients for just over ten years, Carrie decided to expand her practice and open up a canine physiotherapy clinic right next to her practice in Kemptville. Her animal rehabilitation clinic is one of only three of its kind in Canada.
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26-54% of dogs recovering from a cruciate injury will tear the contralateral CCL within the first year.

be part of the change needed to reverse that statistic.

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