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CAMadvocate Level 1

A comprehensive overview of canine arthritis written for all canine professionals. RACE® approved.
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understand the effects of osteoarthritis

learn how to identify the disease earlier

discover the evidence-based approach

find your role in arthritis management

What's included?

  • 10 MODULES
  • 45 VIDEOS


Owners seek advice from all members of their dog's care team. By providing evidence-based advice, you are increasing the value of your services.

Access invaluable resources

CAM is committed to providing owners and professionals with quality content. Your toolbox will be brimming with new resources by the end of this course.


Owner education is crucial in effecting positive change. Learn how to educate - and communicate with - your clients more effectively.


Canine arthritis is one of the leading causes of elective euthanasia - play your part in reversing that by changing the world, one owner and dog at a time.


  • AMTRA: 44 CPD
  • CCPDT Behavioural Consultants: 3 CEU
  • CCPDT Dog Trainers: 9 CEU
  • CHA: 11 CPD
  • IAABC: 12 CEU
  • IAAT: 11 CPD
  • IACP: 12 CEU
  • IVCA: 11 CEU
  • INTODogs: 15 CPD
  • KPA: 12 CEU
  • NARCH: 15 CPD
  • PPAB: 12 CEU
  • PPGA: 10 CEU
  • RACE: 10 CEU
  • SAENA: 10 CEU

Course contents

This course was compelling from start to finish.

-Lisa H., Canine Massage Therapist
"I am not sure there are enough words to give this course the credit it truly deserves. This course surpassed all my expectations. Quite honestly, "IT BLEW MY MIND". The knowledge, skills and undeniable passion from Hannah just oozed through the entire course. I also do not mind admitting shedding a few tears here and there. You seriously provided so much information, my brain will be frazzled for many months!"

Sarah D.

Canine Massage Practitioner
"What an amazing course! I absolutely love the way Hannah teaches, so passionate, inspiring and knowledgeable. I love what CAM stands for and how it is changing the way within the veterinary field. Great content, easy to follow information and great to be able to do a little bit at a time in between a busy work/life schedule. Lots of information to take back to my practice, and help all our staff and clients get #yourdogmoreyears."


"I have just completed Level 1 and can honestly say I have been astounded by the amount of information, resources, videos and links to webinars which were available. What great value for money! The CAMadvocate Level 1 course has been simply the best canine course I have ever been on and I fully intend to sing CAMs praises from the rooftops from now on."


Dog Owner
"I have just completed CAMadvocate Level 1. Fantastic course, thank you. Found it fascinating, heartbreaking and motivating! I feel much better equipped now with how to approach conversations with owners whose dogs I suspect are painful...I am a trainer and this has always been a very difficult area for me. I am excited to now have more knowledge and resources to hand which will help me direct them to hopefully find the help that they need. Thank you for all your hard work."


Dog Trainer
"I did the course and loved the wealth of information. It has given me a much deeper understanding of what OA is and its impact on a dog and their owner. As a canine massage therapist this is an invaluable resource and I highly recommend it!! Looking forward to level 2!!"

Helga K.

Canine Massage Therapist
Meet the instructor

Dr. Hannah Capon

MA Vet mb mrcvs, ccrp

Hannah is a first opinion veterinary surgeon in the UK and the director and founder of Canine Arthritis Management (CAM). She is recognised and respected for her tireless work on CAM, an online education and support service for owners of arthritic dogs and professionals that care for them. She was awarded the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Impact Award 2020, won the 2019 CEVA Welfare Awards Vet of the Year and Vet Trust Vet Personality of the Year 2019, and was a finalist in the 2019 Petplan Vet of the Year. Through teaching other veterinary and canine professionals Hannah hopes that, as a collective, we can challenge this disease together and reduce suffering and unnecessary euthanasias.
Hannah with her beloved Holly

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